Friday, October 17, 2008

Fires Are Being Controlled

The Los Angeles fires have been quickly contained

Those evacuated are home again. The Porter Ranch, Sesnon fire, is 90% contained. The Marek fire is in mop up now.

Luckily these fires have been quickly controlled. Some of our fires are not so quickly tamed and threaten more property, homes and people.

The Porter Ranch fire was caused by a downed power line. This morning the radio is saying the line had not been inspected lately. NEGLIGENCE?

State Regulations did not apply to the downed power line. A private line on private property caused the fire. They are not required to go by the strict regulations of regulated utilities. The line that caused this was not required to inspect the line or clear brush below or around the lines.

One such private property, private line caused a California wildfire that burned down over 1000 homes according to the news this morning. This was in the past, not a current fire, but they did not say which one.

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