Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heavy Lift Helicopter Fighting The LA Fires

Yesterday I drove by the Camarillo Airport which is in the next county from Los Angeles. There were at least three heavy lift, water dropping helicopter coming in and taking off. One left with a big red water bucket trailing below it.

I am guessing these aircraft were refueling, not getting water. The were probably fighting the fire at Porter Ranch, the Sesnon fire.

I was surprised they were coming over to Camarillo instead of going to the Van Nuys Airport, which I would think is closer.

The Sesnon fire is 20% contained this morning. It has burned over 13,000 acres. The Marek fire is 80% contained and has burned about 5000 acres.

California wildfires can burn for months. Some of them get into the back country mountains and burn until rain or snow falls to put them out. These fire are not in the news, but they burn on regardless. They are so remote that fighting them aggressively is not practical.

I'll see if I can find pictures of these helicopters

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