Saturday, November 15, 2008

Get Ready For An Evacuation

Fires or any disaster means you should be ready to evacuate as soon as you know danger could be coming near you. The Sayre fire has 10,000 people evacuated from their homes.

Keep important papers and family pictures in a place that is quick and easy to get to. Often you only have minutes to gather a few things and run.

If danger is coming, be sure you know where your pets are. Get them indoors and have leases, collars and pet crates ready. Be sure you pack their food and food and water dishes.

One thing you can do well in advance, even when no danger is present, it to take pictures of what you own. If you have pictures, insurance claims will go quickly. Without pictures you will have a lot more trouble getting paid for your lost belongings. Go through every room of your house with a camera taking pictures. If you have a video camera, give a narration of everything in each room.

If you may be in danger soon, even using a cell phone to take pictures can save you time and grief later.

You have an amazing amount of belongings you may not even think about. A families underwear cost adds up. Knick knacks and collectibles need to be documented. Take you video/picture record of your belongings when there is no danger.

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