Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tragic Day In Southern Californa Fires

Today has been a tragic day in the various fires in Southern California. Although there have been no lives lost yet, there have been hundreds of homes lost.

In the Oak Ridge Mobile Home Park, an estimated 500 homes were lost. They still do not have an exact count. They are saying that 124 mobile homes were saved.

One woman said that the Oak Ridge Park was like a small "Mayberry" like community. They had bingo at the club house. There were potluck dinners and many community activities. She said it was more than just a place to live and now it is gone.

Hopefully most homeowners had insurance and will at least get their homes back.

The Corona Fire moved to Yorba Linda and now into Anaheim hills.

Up in Montecito, Santa Barbara there have been 111 homes lost. The Montecto Fire is now 40% contained.

Did you read my post earlier? It is really important that each person take a video inventory of everything they own. If evacuation is imminent for you a very quick picture survey will have to do. If you are not threatened by one of these fires you should take a very complete survey of everything you own.

When filing an insurance claim, a complete inventory will get you back hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars you would not get back without and adequate picture record.

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