Monday, November 17, 2008

Fire News Good This Morning -- Not Over Yet

The Southern California fire news is good this morning. There are still evacuations in the Brea, Anaheim Hills Diamond Bar fire areas. Most people have been allowed to return home.

There are no morning reports of major home loss overnight. None of the fires are over yet but the news is looking good.

My wife grew up in Sylmar. She lived a block off of Sayre Street (Sayre Fire). She attended Sylmar High School, one of the major evacuation centers.

Last night my wife got a called from an old school friend. One of my wifes friends lived in the Oak Ridge Mobible Home Park. These fires touch of in many ways. Based on maps, we believe this friends house was lost.

This morning some people will be allowed into the Oak Ridge Park to evaluate the damage to their homes and retrieve some of their belongings. This is only for people with their homes still standing. They will only be allowed about 10 minutes each to get anything important to them. 124 mobile homes were not destroyed.

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