Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oak Ridge Residents Given Free Access To Homes

The Oak Ridge Mobile Home Park residents were being escorted into the park for a look at their homes. They are expected to be given free access to the area today. I am sure ID will be required for proof of residence.

This will give people a chance to salvage whatever might be left from their burned homes. Even burned to the ground homes will often have somethings that can be salvaged.

Someone found a single picture in a burned home. Sometimes that is worth more than words can say.

I once watched a motorhome burn to just a frame. It was hose down by the fire department nd hauled away. This was at a favorite beach spot of ours, so the next day my wife and I were there again and saw a small pile of rubble where the motorhome had been.

Out of curiosity I walked over to it and found one picture and then more pictures. I salvaged the pictures and some papers just before a county truck came by and scooped up all the burned remains into a dumpster.

In the charred remains I found phone numbers and was able to track the RV owner. The owner was a single man living in the motorhome. He was glad to get his pictures back.

So, even in burned out ruins, there may be pictures and other memories left to find and bring a smile or a tear.

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