Sunday, November 16, 2008

FIRE! Sylmar, Chino Hills, Anaheim Hills and More

Another day and fires are still destroying homes and tearing up lives. This is a part of Southern California life. FIRES! Usually the home loss is not as severe as in these fires.

News this morning saying 800 homes lost. Last night I calculated 1000 from all of the fires from Santa Barbara to Sylmar to Anaheim Hills. This includes all fires in between.

The winds are down and firefighters are having an easier job of gaining control over these fires. Regardless these fires are no where near over.

As I have told you, I an 45 miles from the Sylmar fire and at least double that from the other inland fires. I am about 30 miles from the Montecito fire. Over half of the horizon here is covered in smoke. The sun is shining through the smoke casing a eerie orange cast on the area.

One way to help in a disaster is by having an inventory so some of your belongings can be replaced. What about your computer data? Can you replace it? Backing up your computer data and photos is an important part of disaster preparedness.

The typical backup method is to burn a CD or DVD of your important information. However, if you store those disks in your home, you may still lose everything.

One answer is to backup data and store it in a bank safety deposit box. Or mail backups to an out of the area friend or relative.

Another option is to backup online. There are services that you can use for a nominal monthly fee to back up your data, pictures and important information. Two I have heard recommended are

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