Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lost Power Dangerous In A Fire

When a fire ravages an area one result can be loss of power. The obvious thing is that you will not have lights in your home if this happens at night. You need flashlights with fresh batteries in your home. This is a good idea whether there is a fire or just a normal power outage.

This Montecito fire tells a different story on how lost power can be dangerous in a fire. I read about two instances of people being trapped behind looked gates in Montecito. The first gate was pried open from the outside to allow those trapped to escape.

Christopher LLoyd's home was behind locked electric gates and his caretaker was trapped behind them on the property. The caretaker crashed his truck to the gates to escape.

Both of these situations could have ended tragically without quick thinking.

What is in your life that could prevent you from getting help in any kind of emergency? Does an elderly friend or relative need a system to get help if they fall? Remember the TV commercial, "Help, I've fallen and can't get up"?

Maybe locked electric gates need a battery backup at the gate in case of emergency. Maybe they need some sort of manual override that does not compromise day to day security.

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